Project Description

The John D. Gill, locally known as the Gill or WR4, is a casualty of WWII. It was sunk on March 13, 1942 by the German U-Boat U-158. Twenty-three sailors perished when the ship caught fire. It is located 25 miles off of Masonboro inlet and sits at a depth of 95 ft. It is a huge ship at 523ft long making it the largest wreck in divable waters. Now the wreck lies in two pieces with the bow being the most intact. Numerous brass artifacts have been found including several portholes. There is also china, bullets, and bottles that can be found as well.

The Gill is an incredible dive. It is a massive wreck, almost too large to see in a single dive. There is also an amazing abundance of marine Life! It attracts many tropical fish and sharks. There are many sand tiger and sandbar shark sightings. There are also plenty of large grouper and the occasional school of African pompano.