SCUBA Charter Rates & Info

***Due to the unprecedented rise in diesel fuel prices, We have added a $40 per diver  fuel surcharge to all of our charters***

Remember, all of our SCUBA charters are created by YOU! Please call us or use the online booking system to schedule your dive charter. If there is no charter on a particular day, you just have to pick your dive site. Any open days are available. It only takes one person to start a charter.

*** Prices are per person and for the charter only. The cost does not include tanks or rental gear. We have FREE weights on board! You can rent steel nitrox tanks from us for $25.00 per tank. We rent HP steel 100s and 120s.

***Underwater scooters available for rent on ALL Megalodon Ledge charters. $50 per scooter per day.

*** All prices are for a 2 tank dive, a 3 tank dive is an additional $50.00 for any of our dive trips.

** Our spearfishing trips are “captains choice”, meaning we will put you on the most productive ledges based on what you want to shoot. We do like to live boat on these trips, so an SMB and Reel is required.

*** All divers must show proof of the required SCUBA certification for any given trip.

** if you have any questions about a particular site, or you would like to go somewhere not on the list, please call us. We love to talk about NC diving!

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Dive Site Distance Max Depth Cost P/P
Liberty Ship 3 Miles 50 ft $70/pp
Dredge Wreck 14 Miles 60 ft $115/pp
Stone Tug 14 Miles 60 ft $115/pp
Hyde/Markham/Schoolhouse 18 Miles 85 ft $130/pp
John D. Gill 26 Miles 95 ft $150/pp
Normania/Cassimir 38 Miles 120 ft $225/pp
Rosin Wreck 40 Miles 125 ft $225/pp
Frying Pan Tower 45 Miles 60 ft $250/pp
City of Houston 55 Miles 90 ft $300/pp
18 Fathom Wreck 59 Miles 125 ft $300/pp
Naeco 69 Miles 140 ft $350/pp
Spearfishing/Lobster Ledges 25-35 Miles 90-120 ft $250/pp
Megalodon Tooth Ledges** 27-42 Miles 90- 115ft $250/pp
** Special Dive experience/qualifications required. Please call 848.448.6849 to discuss**