Charter Policy/ Boat Rules

At WB Diving, We strive to make your dive trip a safe, and fun experience. With that in mind, please review our policies before booking your trip. If you have any questions, call us and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.


Bookings are only arranged over the phone, or through our online booking system. All bookings require a valid credit card. When booking over the phone, We do not charge a deposit, and you pay for your charter when you return from the trip. If you book online, you will have to pay for the charter at the time of booking. Please let us know if you need to rent tanks, and specify the nitrox mix that you would like at the time of booking.

Minimum Number of Divers:

The boat holds 6 divers maximum. We can only run a charter with a FULL boat. If you are a single diver and want to book a date, we will put the charter on the website and attempt to fill the boat. If there are not enough people to run, we will let you know 2 days before the scheduled charter. You can also book the entire boat for a day. Price dependent on the site and distance offshore.

Cancellation/ Destination Change:

There is a 10 day cancellation policy. If you book a trip, and cannot make it, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try everything to fill your spot. If you cancel inside of 7 days, and the boat runs, you will be charged for the price of the charter! Weather in North Carolina can be unpredictable at times, therefore it is the captain’s call on what dive site we go to. We will make every effort to bring you to the scheduled destination, but ultimately it is the captain’s choice based on the safety of the passengers on the boat. You will be charged for whatever site you actually dive at the end of the day. The captain and crew also reserve the right to refuse a diver from entering the water because of unsafe diving practices.

*passengers who fail to dive due to seasickness, gear failure, or any other reason are responsible for the price of the charter*

Certifications/ equiptment:

All divers are responsible for bringing the necessary equipment and gear for a given dive trip. We only rent tanks and weights, and these items need to be reserved with us prior to booking the charter. All divers are also required to have the proper certification for the dive they schedule. The captain and crew WILL review certification cards at the dock prior to departure. Please have your card with you.

*All Divers must have proof of DAN Dive accident insurance*

Group Policy (Private Charters)

  1. Applies when booking the entire boat (up to 6 spots)
  2. Payment for the trip must be handled in a single transaction
  3. The group leader is responsible for relaying all information to the divers
  4. The group leader or dive shop is responsible for FULL payment. WB Diving may be able to fill cancelled spots, but this is NOT guaranteed!
  5. Everyone in the group MUST meet the certification/experience requirements for the particular dive site. 

Boat Rules:

Please be on time for your scheduled dive trip. You need to be at the dock at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

Space is limited, especially on 3 tank dives, so please bring only the essentials. We have a refrigerator and large ice box, so no big coolers on board. As far as gear, please only bring what you will use on your dives. No big bags of spare parts and absolutely no large Hard cases or tubs.

Absolutely no drugs allowed on board! Alcohol is OK, but remember you can ONLY drink AFTER your dives.

We visit some amazing dive sites that most dive boats never see. That being said, if you are caught using a GPS or attempting to steal coordinates of the dive site, the device will be confiscated and you will not be welcomed back on board.

There is NO need to carry an NC fishing license, as Ledge Tender has a blanket license for all divers on board. YOU are responsible for adhering to all regulations regarding the taking of fish. The captain will brief you on the regulations before the trip.

For Megalodon Ledge charters, scooters ARE allowed on board, but it must be cleared with the captain prior to departure.

Remember, A 2 tank dive means 2 tanks! and a 3 tank dive means 3 tanks! We cannot accommodate multiple sets of doubles.

All Divers are required to exhibit safe diving practices while aboard Ledge Tender. Dive briefings will be thorough and you are expected to follow the rules. If you do not dive safe, you will not be allowed back in the water.

*** For Meg Ledge and Spearfishing charters, you must have a minimum of Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certification with deep diving experience***

*** DAN Accident insurance is REQUIRED for all Meg Ledge and Spearfishing charters*** 

** We are Tech and Rebreather friendly, But all dive plans and profiles must be cleared with the captain prior to departure. The captain has the final say on how long your profile will be and when you will be expected back on board.